BuildersWands BuildersWands Daniel Dizdarevic @dhelonious Utilities

This plugin provides a collection of tools, which make building more effective or specialized. The latter is useful when the client uses a resource pack, e.g. Conquest.

General Commands

Command Permission Description
/enablebuilderswands builderswands.enable Enables all wands.
/disablebuilderswands builderswands.disable Disable all wands.



On left click the InfoWand reveals the type, meta and biome values of the target block.

Command Permission Description
/infowand builderswands.infowand Obtain the Info Wand.


The MetaWand allows for cycling through 15 meta states of the target block using right click. On left click the target block is reset to the default meta value of 0.

Command Permission Description
/metawand builderswands.metawand Obtain the Meta Wand.


The BiomeWand allows for cycling through all possible biome states of target column using right click. On left click the target column is reset to the default biome value of 0.

Command Permission Description
/biomewand builderswands.biomewand Obtain the Biome Wand.


The CopyWand has 5 different modes:

Right click cycles through all modes and left click applies the action.

Command Permission Description
/copywand builderswands.copywand Obtain the Copy Wand.


The BuildersWand allows for fast building by duplicating connected blocks of the same type within a defined square on the targeted block face on left click. Right click switches through the different scales:

Command Permission Description
/builderswand builderswands.builderswand Obtain the Builders Wand.
/builderswandundo builderswands.builderswand.undo Undo last action.

Note: (so far) the undo command only undoes the last action.


The plugin provides the cWand class, which allows for an easy creation of tools.

cWand class

This class creates a wand tool and binds a command for obtaining it.


Name Parameters Return value Notes
new string Name<br>cItem Item cWand Wand Creates a new cWand object using the given item or a stick (default).
BindCommand string Command<br>string Description<br>function Callback Binds a new command to the wand.
GetName string Name Returns the name of the wand.
GetClipboard table Clipboard Returns the clipboard table of the wand.
Focused cPlayer Player boolean Focused True if the wand is in the active inventory slot of the player.
Info cPlayer Player<br>string Info Sends info to the player and puts the wand name in brackets.
InitClipboard cPlayer Player Initializes the wand clipboard for the given player.
InitModes cPlayer Player<br>table Modes Adds the given modes to the wand. Modes have to be given in the format ModeName:ModeValue.
GetMode integer Mode Returns the current mode of the wand.
NextMode cPlayer Player Cycles the wand modes.


In the following, we will create My Wand. This wand can be obtained by \mywand and will print "Left Click" on left click and "Right Click" on right click, respectively.

MyWand = cWand:new("My Wand")
g_InitWands[MyWand:GetName()] = function(Player)
  MyWand:Info(Player, "Initialised")
g_LeftClick[MyWand:GetName()] = function(Player, Block, BlockFace)
  MyWand:Info(Player, "Left Click")
g_RightClick[MyWand:GetName()] = function(Player, Block, BlockFace)
  MyWand:Info(Player, "Right Click")