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Author: NiLSPACE
Owned by: cuberite
License: Apache License 2.0
Downloads: 125

A hunger games plugin for Cuberite.

You are able to create multiple different arenas in different worlds. People can join those arenas and battle each other. The players search for chests where they can find loot. They need it so for survival. Eventualy only one player is left and he'll be the winner.



Command Permission Description
/hg add hungergames.add Adds a spawnpoint for the selected arena.
/hg create hungergames.create Creates an new arena.
/hg join hungergames.join Join an arena
/hg leave hungergames.leave Leave an arena
/hg select Used to select an arena. In the selected arena you can add spawnpoints.
/hg setboundingbox hungergames.setsize Sets the size of the arena. All the chests inside will be filled.


Permissions Description Commands Recommended groups
hungergames.add /hg add
hungergames.create /hg create
hungergames.join /hg join
hungergames.leave /hg leave /hg select
hungergames.setsize /hg setboundingbox

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