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Author: Lukas Pioch
Owned by: Seadragon91
License: Apache License 2.0
Downloads: 69

SkyBlock V3

SkyBlock lua plugin for Cuberite, the c++ minecraft server.

For Installation

1) Download the file
2) Change the folder name to SkyBlock and add it to the folder Plugins
3) In the settings.ini, add this line Plugin=SkyBlock to the section [Plugins]
4) In the settings.ini, add this line World=skyblock to the section [Worlds]
5) Start server and happy playing :-)

For Updating

Use this step only, if you want to upgrade from a previous version
1) Make an Backup from the current SkyBlock plugin and the skyblock world
2) Download the and extract it
3) Copy the folder code and the file SkyBlock.lua into the plugin folder of SkyBlock

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