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Author: mathiascode
Owned by: mathiascode
License: The Unlicense
Downloads: 34

Allows you to broadcast a mob sound at your current location by executing a command. Alternatively, you can right-click while holding a tool in your hand to broadcast a mob sound. Perfect together with tonibm19's DisguiseCraft plugin.



Command Permission Description
/mobsound mobsound.mobsound Broadcasts a mob sound at your location.
/mobsoundtool mobsound.mobsoundtool Gives a tool that broadcasts a mob sound at your location.


Permissions Description Commands Recommended groups
mobsound.mobsound Allows a player to use the /mobsound command. /mobsound
mobsound.mobsoundtool Allows a player to get mob sound tools by using the /mobsoundtool command. /mobsoundtool
mobsound.usetool Allows a player to use mob sound tools.

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