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This plugin provides the ability to manage your homes

This plugin provides the ability to manage your homes

Lightweight & Fast

The entire plugin fits on ~10KiB of disk space & has no unnecessary functionality.

Set your homes

With this plugin, you can set home points and adjust the maximum number of them through permissions. You can teleport to homes through all dismensions!

Check your homes list

Use /homes to see existing homes and their amount



Command Permission Description
/delhome homesetter.delhome Delete home
/home homesetter.home Teleports you to a home
/homes List of homes
/sethome homesetter.sethome Set a home


Permissions Description Commands Recommended groups
homesetter.delhome Allows the players to delete their homes. /delhome Default
homesetter.home Allows the players to teleport to their homes. /home Default Allows the players to view a list of their homes. /homes Default
homesetter.maxhomes.3 Maximum number of homes to be set Default
homesetter.sethome Allows the players to set their homes. /sethome Default