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A list of Bukkit and EaglercraftBungee plugins tested and compatible with Eaglercraft

You can try darverdevs's plugin installer Here that can automatically install most of these plugins for you to save time

Every plugin has a folder, the folder contains the JAR file containing the plugin which you can copy to your bukkit server's /plugins directory and the folder also contains the configuration directory containing the configuration recommended for using the plugin with Eaglercraft which you can also copy (the folder not the files inside) into your /plugins directory.

To make things easier, every plugin containing config files has a ZIP file in it's directory so you can easily download both the plugin and all of it's config files in basically a single click

If you are looking to keep your server as secure as possible, do not use the existing config directory for the plugin you download and create your own instead, I cannot guarantee that the config files provided for each plugin will be safe and secure to use on all public servers

To add a plugin, create a pull request containing the new plugin and it's configuration directory but do not include a ZIP file because I will create the ZIP myself to ensure it actually contains the same legitimate plugin and config files reviewed in the pull request

Plugin Descriptions: