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Author: mathiascode
Owned by: mathiascode
License: The Unlicense
Downloads: 104

Plugin for Cuberite that adds extra functionality to the server.



Command Permission Description
/actionbarbroadcast extras.actionbarbroadcast Broadcasts an action bar message
/clearchat extras.clearchat Clears messages from the chat
/clearinventory extras.clearinventory Clears the inventory of a player
/console extras.console Broadcasts a message as the console
/day Sets the time to day
/destroyentities extras.destroyentities Destroys all entities in all worlds
/enchantall extras.enchantall Adds every enchantment to a held item
/enchantment extras.enchantment Adds an enchantment to a specified player's held item
/end extras.end Moves your player to the End
/flatlands extras.flatlands Moves your player to the Flatlands
/foodlevel extras.foodlevel Sets the food level to the given value
/hub extras.hub Moves your player to the Hub
/ienchantment extras.ienchantment Adds an enchantment to an item
/importschematic extras.importschematic Imports a schematic file to the server
/jumpscare extras.jumpscare Scares a player
/killall extras.killall Removes entities in your world
/kit extras.kit Spawns a predefined kit
/m extras.m Sends a private message to a player
/me Broadcasts what you are doing
/mem extras.mem Shows the memory usage of the server
/nether extras.nether Moves your player to the Nether
/nickname extras.nickname Changes your nickname on the server
/night extras.night Sets the time to night
/overworld extras.overworld Moves your player to the Overworld
/pumpkin extras.pumpkin Places a pumpkin on a player's head
/reply extras.reply Replies to the latest private message you recieved
/restart extras.restart Restarts the server
/rules extras.rules Shows the server's rules
/spidey extras.spidey Shoots a line of web blocks until it hits a block
/starve extras.starve Sets your food level to zero
/suicide extras.suicide Ends your life
/tele extras.teleport Teleports you to another player
/tellraw extras.tellraw Broadcasts raw text to the server
/title extras.title Broadcasts a title to the server
/tpohere extras.tpohere Teleports a player to you
/tppos extras.tppos Teleports you directly to the specified coordinates
/unloadchunks extras.unloadchunks Unloads all unused chunks
/username extras.username Changes your username on the server
/vote Shows vote links for the server
/who extras.who Shows a list of connected players
/world Moves your player to a different world


Permissions Description Commands Recommended groups
extras.actionbarbroadcast /actionbarbroadcast
extras.clearchat /clearchat
extras.clearinventory /clearinventory
extras.console /console /day
extras.destroyentities /destroyentities
extras.enchantall /enchantall
extras.enchantment /enchantment
extras.end /end
extras.flatlands /flatlands
extras.foodlevel /foodlevel
extras.foodlevel.other Allows a player to change the food level of another player
extras.hub /hub
extras.ienchantment /ienchantment
extras.importschematic /importschematic
extras.jumpscare /jumpscare
extras.killall /killall
extras.kit /kit
extras.kit.other Allows a player to give another player a kit
extras.m /m /me
extras.mem /mem
extras.nether /nether
extras.nickname /nickname
extras.night /night
extras.overworld /overworld
extras.pumpkin /pumpkin
extras.reply /reply
extras.restart /restart
extras.rules /rules
extras.spidey /spidey
extras.starve /starve
extras.starve.other Allows a player to make another player starve
extras.suicide /suicide
extras.teleport /tele
extras.tellraw /tellraw
extras.title /title
extras.tpohere /tpohere
extras.tppos /tppos
extras.unloadchunks /unloadchunks
extras.username /username /vote
extras.who /who /world

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