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This plugin allows you to easily manage the world, edit the world, navigate around or get information. It bears similarity to the Bukkit's WorldEdit plugin and aims to have the same set of commands,however, it has no affiliation to that plugin.

This plugin allows you to easily manage the world, edit the world, navigate around or get information. It bears similarity to the Bukkit's WorldEdit plugin and aims to have the same set of commands,however, it has no affiliation to that plugin.



Any biome specific commands.

Command Permission Description
//setbiome worldedit.biome.set Set the biome of the region
/biomeinfo Get the biome of the targeted block(s)
/biomelist worldedit.biomelist Gets all biomes available


Command Permission Description
/brush Brush commands
/brush cylinder worldedit.brush.cylinder Switch to the cylinder brush tool
/brush sphere worldedit.brush.sphere Switch to the sphere brush tool
/mask worldedit.brush.options.mask Set the brush mask


All the commands that have anything todo with a players clipboard.

Command Permission Description
//copy worldedit.clipboard.copy Copy the selection to the clipboard
//cut worldedit.clipboard.cut Cut the selection to the clipboard
//paste worldedit.clipboard.paste Pastes the clipboard's contents
//rotate worldedit.clipboard.rotate Rotates the contents of the clipboard


Command Permission Description
/butcher worldedit.butcher Kills nearby mobs based on the given radius, if no radius is given it uses the default in configuration
/remove worldedit.remove Removes all entities of a type


Commands that generates structures.

Command Permission Description
//cyl worldedit.generation.cylinder Generates a cylinder
//generate worldedit.generation.shape Generates a shape according to a formula
//hcyl worldedit.selection.cylinder Generates a hollow cylinder
//hpyramid worldedit.generation.pyramid Generate a hollow pyramid
//hsphere worldedit.generation.hsphere Generates a hollow sphere
//pyramid worldedit.generation.pyramid Generate a filled pyramid
//sphere worldedit.generation.sphere Generates a filled sphere


Commands that can undo/redo past WorldEdit actions.

Command Permission Description
//redo worldedit.history.redo Redoes the last action (from history)
//undo worldedit.history.undo Undoes the last action


Commands that helps the player moving to locations.

Command Permission Description
/ascend worldedit.navigation.ascend Go up a floor
/ceil worldedit.navigation.ceiling Go to the celing
/descend worldedit.navigation.descend Go down a floor
/jumpto worldedit.navigation.jumpto.command Teleport to a location
/thru worldedit.navigation.thru.command Passthrough walls
/up worldedit.navigation.up Go upwards some distance


Commands in this category will allow the player to edit the region he/she has selected using //pos[1/2] or using the wand item.

Command Permission Description
//addleaves worldedit.region.addleaves Adds leaves next to log blocks
//ellipsoid worldedit.region.ellipsoid Creates an ellipsoid in the selected region
//faces worldedit.region.faces Build the walls, ceiling, and floor of a selection
//leafdecay worldedit.region.leafdecay Removes all the leaves in the selection that would decay
//mirror worldedit.region.mirror Mirrors the selection by the specified plane
//replace worldedit.region.replace Replace all the blocks in the selection with another
//set worldedit.region.set Set all the blocks inside the selection to a block
//stack worldedit.region.stack Repeat the contents of the selection
//vmirror worldedit.region.vmirror Mirrors the selection vertically
//walls worldedit.region.walls Build the four sides of the selection


Commands that load or save schematic's

Command Permission Description
//schematic formats worldedit.schematic.list List available schematic formats
//schematic list worldedit.schematic.list List available schematics
//schematic load worldedit.schematic.load Loads the given schematic file
//schematic save Saves the current clipboard to a file with the given filename


Command Permission Description
/.s worldedit.scripting.execute Execute last CraftScript
/cs worldedit.scripting.execute Execute a CraftScript


Commands that give info/help setting the region you have selected.

Command Permission Description
//chunk worldedit.selection.chunk Select the chunk you are currently in
//contract worldedit.selection.contract Contract the selection area
//count worldedit.selection.count Count the number of blocks in the region
//deselect worldedit.selection.deselect Deselect the current selection
//distr worldedit.selection.distr Inspect the block distribution of the current selection
//expand worldedit.selection.expand Expand the selection area
//hpos1 worldedit.selection.pos Set position 1 to the position you are looking at
//hpos2 worldedit.selection.pos Set position 2 to the position you are looking at
//loadsel worldedit.selection.loadselection Loads a selection that was saved before
//pos1 worldedit.selection.pos Set position 1
//pos2 worldedit.selection.pos Set position 2
//savesel worldedit.selection.saveselection Saves the current selection so it can be used later
//shift worldedit.selection.size Move the selection area
//shrink worldedit.selection.shrink Shrink the current selection to exclude air-only layers of the selection
//size worldedit.selection.size Get the size of the selection


Commands that don't realy fit in another category.

Command Permission Description
//help Sends all the available commands to the player
//wand worldedit.wand Get the wand object
/toggleeditwand worldedit.wand.toggle Toggle functionality of the edit wand
/we WorldEdit command
/we cui Complete CUI handshake
/we help Sends all the available commands to the player
/we version Sends the plugin version to the player


Commands that help you Modifying the terrain.

Command Permission Description
//drain worldedit.drain Drains all water around you in the given radius
//extinguish worldedit.extinguish Removes all the fires around you in the given radius
//fill worldedit.fill Fill a hole
//fillr worldedit.fill.recursive Fill a hole recursively
//green Changes all the dirt to grass
//replacenear worldedit.replacenear Replace nearby blocks
//snow worldedit.snow Makes it look like it has snown
//thaw worldedit.thaw Removes all the snow around you in the given radius
/pumpkins worldedit.generation.pumpkins Generates pumpkins at the surface
/removeabove worldedit.removeabove Remove all the blocks above you
/removebelow worldedit.removebelow Remove all the blocks below you


Commands that activate a tool. If a tool is activated you can use it by right or left clicking with your mouse.

Command Permission Description
// worldedit.superpickaxe Toggle the super pickaxe pickaxe function
/farwand worldedit.tool.farwand Use the wand from a distance
/none Unbind a bound tool from your current item
/repl worldedit.tool.replacer Block replace tool
/tool Select a tool to bind
/tool cylinder worldedit.brush.cylinder Switch to the cylinder brush tool
/tool farwand worldedit.tool.farwand Use the wand from a distance
/tool none Unbind a bound tool from your current item
/tool repl worldedit.tool.replacer Block replace tool
/tool sphere worldedit.brush.sphere Switch to the sphere brush tool
/tool tree worldedit.tool.tree Tree generator tool
/tree worldedit.tool.tree Tree generator tool


Permissions Description Commands Recommended groups /biomeinfo
worldedit.biome.set //setbiome
worldedit.biomelist /biomelist
worldedit.brush.cylinder /tool cylinder, /brush cylinder
worldedit.brush.options.mask /mask
worldedit.brush.sphere /tool sphere, /brush sphere
worldedit.butcher /butcher
worldedit.clipboard.copy //copy
worldedit.clipboard.cut //cut
worldedit.clipboard.paste //paste
worldedit.clipboard.rotate //rotate
worldedit.drain //drain
worldedit.extinguish //extinguish
worldedit.fill //fill
worldedit.fill.recursive //fillr
worldedit.generation.cylinder //cyl
worldedit.generation.hsphere //hsphere
worldedit.generation.pumpkins /pumpkins
worldedit.generation.pyramid //pyramid, //hpyramid
worldedit.generation.shape //generate
worldedit.generation.sphere //sphere //green //help, /we help
worldedit.history.redo //redo
worldedit.history.undo //undo
worldedit.navigation.ascend /ascend
worldedit.navigation.ceiling /ceil
worldedit.navigation.descend /descend
worldedit.navigation.jumpto.command /jumpto
worldedit.navigation.thru.command /thru
worldedit.navigation.up /up
worldedit.region.addleaves //addleaves
worldedit.region.ellipsoid //ellipsoid
worldedit.region.faces //faces
worldedit.region.leafdecay //leafdecay
worldedit.region.mirror //mirror
worldedit.region.replace //replace
worldedit.region.set //set
worldedit.region.stack //stack
worldedit.region.vmirror //vmirror
worldedit.region.walls //walls
worldedit.remove /remove
worldedit.removeabove /removeabove
worldedit.removebelow /removebelow
worldedit.replacenear //replacenear
worldedit.schematic.list //schematic formats, //schematic list
worldedit.schematic.load //schematic load //schematic save
worldedit.scripting.execute /.s, /cs
worldedit.selection.chunk //chunk
worldedit.selection.contract //contract
worldedit.selection.count //count
worldedit.selection.cylinder //hcyl
worldedit.selection.deselect //deselect
worldedit.selection.distr //distr
worldedit.selection.expand //expand
worldedit.selection.loadselection //loadsel
worldedit.selection.pos //hpos1, //hpos2, //pos1, //pos2
worldedit.selection.saveselection //savesel
worldedit.selection.shrink //shrink
worldedit.selection.size //size, //shift
worldedit.snow //snow
worldedit.superpickaxe //
worldedit.thaw //thaw
worldedit.tool.farwand /tool farwand, /farwand
worldedit.tool.replacer /tool repl, /repl
worldedit.tool.tree /tool tree, /tree
worldedit.wand //wand
worldedit.wand.toggle /toggleeditwand
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